Things Lost

The heavens are weeping with me this morning. My sadness is at senseless loss. The past several years have found me delving more and more into my family history. Great Grandpa Albert’s house, still standing on the Rexburg bench, and what I knew of his family have long been inspirations to me. That old, two-story home stood there in the lone field testifying truth to the lives and era long gone now. I never drove by when I didn’t have cause to stop and think on the history and people associated with it. In later years, I’ve driven there just for the purpose of viewing it.

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Last year I was saddened to learn the house was being vandalized with graffiti and interior destruction. Today it is gone.

We take things for granted.

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Today, the rain gently falls on the pile of charred remains that were once a historic building.

My heart is sad.

I feel my ancestors weeping with me for my sadness. Not sadness so much for the loss of this historic building, as for the loss of civility, respect and basic human courtesy that brought its demise. We have lost and are losing so much more than temporal things in our day. News headlines testify of so much needless loss and suffering.

Would that we could remember the hearts of our pioneer ancestors. Oh to value the things that matter most, God, family, friends, work, and respect. They sacrificed all that we could enjoy everything we now take for granted. They deserve more than our mockery and disrespect. So. Much. More.

I’m sad today. But I’m grateful for the lessons, life and legacy of my ancestors. Their actions have and will yet, forever outlive their dwellings. I’ll honor them by doing as they would have done -and did- so many times in their own lives: endure with patience, press forward with faith and set a better example for their children.

The old house is lost. It’s memories, lessons and legacy live on.


6 comments on “Things Lost

  1. What!?!? This makes me SO SAD! Was it arsen!? I can not imagine! This house was one of the last stops I made before moving to Germany.

  2. I believe it was vandals. Maybe the same ones that added the graffiti paint last spring, who knows? The photographer who’s been shooting the place for the past 5-7 years said he noticed fire pits burns in the back room a few weeks ago. We’ll probably never know what really happened. But it sure makes me sad.

  3. This makes me so sad :( I will have to take comfort in the knowledge that while landscapes and lives change the seeds of faith hard work and trust in the Lord that were planted by those before us, who sacrificed so much live on through us their posterity. Well said Holly I’m so grateful to be part of this eternal family and that no Vandal can burn that away. Love you and my forever family.

  4. I’m so sorry this has happened. I am thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had over the past seven years to preserve these memories through photography.

    I was just out at the house a few weeks ago and glad I had the opportunity to walk through it one last time.

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