What This Blog Is All About

I truly believe my life is a masterpiece in the works. I love trying new things, learning, growing and sharing what I learn along the way. I believe each of us has a champion hidden inside, the trick is to help unlock it.

This blog exists for this reason. Because my masterpiece isn’t a one note show, you’ll find lots of variety in the lessons I’ve deemed worthy of sharing. Many people land here from Pinterest because of successful DIY projects and cooking successes. If it’s your first visit, here’s a quick list of some of my personal favorites:

Project Home: Counter Magic, Goodbye 70’s Scroll,  Brown Paper Floor
Cooking: Fresh Roasted SalsaEnglish ToffeeGingerbread Success
FamilyThoughts on MotherhoodCalisthenics of the Heart
GardeningMy Yard
LDS SharesResources

Fresh Mex Fire Roasted SalsaFinished shineMy Yard

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