Act On Every Worthy Thought

Why is it so easy to question yourself, to second guess simple things? Today I caught myself doing it again. I’d had a thought a few weeks ago to reach out to someone. It wasn’t anything big, just a simple hello but I talked myself out of it thinking I was just being silly. The thought returned a couple more times and I’ve dismissed it. Then yesterday I forced myself to do at least one thing I’ve been putting off. I sat down and wrote a response letter to mail to a dear friend who had written me a congratulation note for our miracle baby. It felt SO good! In fact, I wrote another letter to someone else right after. Feeling confidence, I remembered that thought to reach out and I did it. I may never know why, but it doesn’t matter. It was a good thing to do and I’m glad I did it.

I am struck by how easy it is to deflect positive thoughts, especially when a service or helping hand is involved. I once heard the advice to “act on every worthy thought”, that only good could come from it. You never know what good you can do, what heavy hand could be lifted or who’s prayer you could help answer.

In no place is this lesson more powerful to me than within the walls of my own home. The smiles and warmth that radiates from acting on those worthy thoughts…no matter how small…are little nuggets of happiness. Isn’t that what it’s all about?! This past weekend we spontaneously decided to go to the cabin with the kids. We focused on saying yes instead of no. As a result we have new memories of building a fire in the stove, taking a nature walk, playing spoons, buying souvenirs in West Yellowstone and taking a break from daily technologies and routines. It was wonderful! I hope to remember and build on this simple life lesson, it’s so worth it!






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