Time continues to speed by. It’s already the 20th of April and I haven’t been able to blog a single thing since my last entry. The first week sped by with busy activities of staying with dad while mom did a buy-back at BYU-I and the kids being out for Easter break on Thurs, Friday and Monday. Dad threw some fun in mid week by complaining of chest pain so I took him in to the ER. We spent the night there with them running tests and taking an echocardiogram of his heart. The x-rays showed a compressed fracture in his back from his fall the week before. He was happy to have some pain meds to help with that. The doctor thought maybe fluid was building around the heart, but that test didn’t support the concern. Again, he leaves us scratching our heads as to what’s really going on, but he continues to keep on.

Last week we had an etiquette dinner for our joint activity with the young men in my ward. I was asked to present the etiquette presentation during the dinner. It went well and the kids had fun. It took too many meetings and hours to plan the event and we still tried to pack too much information into too short a time slot, but all in all it went well. The messages I drove home included the reality that you are always communicating and should be aware of the messages you’re sending, and the key to social success is caring about the comfort of those around you. The kids responded well and realized they had many of the answers to their own questions when we came back to these two guidelines.

This week has included PTO meetings and helping at Taylor’s school for ISAT testing. There’s also been a few haircuts, babysitting and errands to keep me busy. At least I found a few minutes this morning to blog an update and do some indexing for Family History. :)


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