Conference Kits

It’s conference time! What better mutual activity than one where the girls put together conference kits for themselves and/or family?

There are so many great ideas for these type of kits online. With ten girls and a budget, I had to largely put ours together with availability of low cost items. I hit our local dollar store and for $22 got several items the girls enjoyed. The key at the dollar store is to look for packaging – anything with multiples in the package really helps stretch dollars.

Knowing it wouldn’t take us the full time just to compile our kits, we started with a project for the kits that would take a little more time. I purchased large index cards and had each girl count out 15. Then I gave each girl a print out of the first presidency and apostles to cut and paste on each card. I found an easy printout by viewing the speakers link on the church website for last conference. It looks like this:


I had also invited the girls to bring an old copy of a conference Ensign as they could easily cut out those colored images as well. (This is also very helpful in assembling the cards in order if desired.) They cut these out, pasted them on each page, put a single hole punch in the corner and held them together with an oversized paper clip. These are for the purpose of taking notes on what that speaker says.


At the end of the activity, we still had time remaining so I had them write the titles of last conferences’ talks on the respective cards. It was a fun discussion remembering what had been said and a good comparison point for listening this conference.

I also printed out the Conference Blocks (Conference Squares) two to a page and had the girls select a couple. They mounted these on some scrapbook paper for their kits.

I had hoped each girl would bring a container for her kit, but I brought plastic shopping bags as a back up which was a great idea because no one remembered. If I had it to do again, I’d still do it this way. I think the purchase of containers would be a waste and asking the girls to participate by bringing things is a great teaching tool.

I had intended to capture pictures as we went and of the finished product, but my hands were busy the entire evening. So I’ve done a quick review of what we put in our kits here.


Goodies Included:

Pop Tarts (for a good start to the morning)
Popcorn (everyone needs popcorn)
Now & Later (because messages are for now and later)
Smarties (because that’s what they’re being by listening)
Dum Dum Suckers (reminder to not be one by missing out)
Small notepads, pens and highlighters (for note taking)
Clothespins (pin up great quotes and thoughts on mirrors, etc.)
Play dough (great activity while listening) 
Die (create fun games while listening, like how many times you’ll hear a word in a talk, etc.) 

The final addition was a 15 page workbook our advisor found online and printed for the girls.

They had a great time putting things together and were so tickled that “all this stuff” was for them! I hope their excitement will carry through the weekend. It’s wonderful to make positive associations.

This activity was a great reminder of how much good can come from such little money. The purpose guided the activity and generated a feeling of satisfaction. I think everyone walked away with more than their goodies. Having the focus of conference allowed wonderful discussion on past conference talks and memories as well as leadership focus. It was wonderful!


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