Still Worthy of Sharing

About this same time six years ago (yikes!) I shared this article. It’s worthy of repeating. :) It was called: Point of View Truths.

Several years ago I received a copy of the following story. It hit me with deep impact. Maybe it was because my own mother taught me at an early age that a great person always argued a point from the opposite side before casting an opinion, or maybe it’s just because it’s a fantastic story. At any rate, it’s worth sharing.

Limited Vision
Four people were in a barn and each one had a knothole to look through. One looked to the east, one to the west, one to the south and one to the north.

The person looking to the east saw the sun come up and said, “The whole world is nothing but sunrises”

The person looking to the west said, “You are wrong, the whole world is nothing but sunsets.”

The person to the north who could see nothing but a haystack said, “You are both wrong, the entire world is nothing but hay.”

The fourth person looking to the south said, “I can’t understand how all of you can be so stupid. The world is nothing but bales of straw.”

From his own viewpoint, each was right. But, obviously, each one’s viewpoint was limited by the size and direction of the knothole through which he was looking.

Get on top of the barn, look in all directions before casting your certainty on a matter. Know that your ideas may be right, but this does not necessarily make the other fellow’s wrong. He may be seeing the same wide, wonderful world through a different knothole.


2 comments on “Still Worthy of Sharing

  1. Yes, too often we limnit ourselves by not taking a little more time to hear out another person’s view.


  2. Sounds like my wife and I sometimes!

    Yes, sometimes I get a little married to my knothole. 😉

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