Transition seems to have become a way of life for us lately. One year ago we were in the process of moving from our AZ home to a condo in the San Francisco Bay. The move was a wonderful one for Blake’s career, and it provided us the opportunity for the next job that would allow us to live anywhere. What we thought would be a couple years turned out to be only nine months. We were moving again, this time back to Idaho to be with our families and to get our kids into an education program we wanted. I’m happy to report that this has been everything we’d hoped.

The summer was full of projects and family time as we mapped out the next steps. We lived out of a few boxes with most of our stuff kept in storage. This past week we have moved into a home only three minutes away from my parents. We feel it a miracle to have found it when we did and are so grateful for it. The only real downsides include the place remaining on the market so if it were to sell we’d have to move again, and it has as much grass to mow as there is at my mom’s. From earlier posts, you can read and see that mowing job is a three hour process. If I were Giligan, I’d be stranded every time I get on the mower! We borrowed my brother’s lawnmower to mow the lawn here Saturday and it took just over two and a half hours. Can you say lawn service?!

Last week at this time I was drowning in boxes and mess. There were times I wanted to just sit and cry. But true to the adage “it came to pass not to stay” I’ve finally gotten everything unpacked and put away, minus those few nasty office boxes that just seem to remain no matter how many moves and attempts to get through them come to pass. Things feels like home more every day. I’m really hoping our transition stage can come to a pause for at least the next year or two. I don’t love moving, and I’m truly tired of it. I’m in awe that even though we got rid of easily half our “stuff” when we moved from AZ to CA, we still have too much. While everything fits nicely in the new place with lots of room to spare, I look forward to a continued lifestyle of removing, simplifying and streamlining.

I took a few pictures for a friend this morning of the new place and thought I’d just post them here. It makes it easier to share with others later. 😉
screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105906-am screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105659-am
screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105932-am screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105715-am
screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105645-am screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105632-am screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105754-am
Dexter enjoys the sunroom at the front, where he can look out the windows. We enjoy the under the ground wire fence in the large yard so we can let him out without worrying. The kids are feeling like ‘the hot tub room’ is a good tradeoff for their pool in AZ.
screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105807-am screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105838-am

Enjoying holding my newest nephew and caffeine free Mountain Dew confirm I really am back in Rexburg. :)
screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105457-am screen-shot-2011-09-12-at-105509-am


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  1. I wouldn’t want to mow your yard, but I love how big it is. Plenty of room for the kids to play in and still enought space for me to build a storage shed.

    Yes. P L E N T Y of room! :)

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