A Little Protection Goes A Long Way

While walking out front the other day, I spied this tiny little nest sitting in my guava tree:
The entire thing would have fit neatly in the palm of a small child, yet the warmth and protection emanating from it would fill an entire heart. I couldn’t help but think about the representation it is of parenting. The time spent weaving a protective, safe, warm and nourishing environment for our children is a labor of love. Like these little birds, we make use of every available resource to protect our treasure inside. I don’t know if you can make it out in this photo or not, but the entire edging of this nest is a soft cotton like substance. I don’t know where it was found, or even what it is, I just know it added a layer of protective comfort that was almost tangible. How like a parent to creatively weave a little extra love and warmth into their efforts!

To pull down the branch and spy the contents was awesome. How cute are these adorable little jelly bean sized eggs? Kind of like our kids when they’re so tiny. Would that we could remember and retain this image in our heads when they try us as they grow! And try us they do and try us they will – some may even fall out of the nest. But one day they will be the parents, building their own nests of protection and love for their posterity. What will they have learned from us?

I hope I’m like these little birds. I hope I’m as diligent and dedicated to my job of protector and nurturer, that I’d give anything and everything to give my little ones every chance at reaching their potential. Some days it feels like I can only relate to squawking mouths! Then I see this visual and everything comes back into focus. No labor is too small, no element unimportant when it comes to parenting.


2 comments on “A Little Protection Goes A Long Way

  1. Cute. The nest reminds me one of the one I found in our hood vent. We kept hearing noises inside our vent. I went outside to investigate and found a bird’s nest just sitting inside the vent, but no eggs or birds. I must’ve scared them off because we never heard them again.

    Your hood vent? Crazy!

  2. I great lesson to help us remember what’s important . . . protecting our kids.

    I thought so too!

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