Drains, Downs, Fills and Ups

Life finds a lot of parallels in daily events. Sometimes you find yourself up, other times down. They say the see-saw effect is a requirement to appreciate the meaning of both sides. I’m sure that’s true and likely the knowledge that there is an up for the down is what pulls us through. Often, you have to get through a period of things being much worse before they get better. This is definitely true of big projects; you end up making a bigger mess to tear something up in preparation for replacement or repair. I suppose you could say the same is true of us as humans; so often we end up making a bigger mess before learning from and enhancing that area of our lives. The goal in the end is always to find that other side of the see-saw.

This week we’ve been working on our pool. We’d pushed the limit for maintenance and it was time to do things right. The salt cell system that generates the chlorine for the pool started going on the blitz last summer. We’re learning it’s a lot like computers today, the system we have is now outdated and not supported for repairs. We’ll be installing a new system in a few days. Experience tells us how the ends justify the means, which believe me, is all that’s gotten us through this project. First, I have to deal with my personal heart murmur over the cost of the new system. Then it’s on to the physical labor portion of the project.

Step #1 drain the pool:

This is done by having a friend who lets you borrow their pump, and running said pump for about 12 hours:
p4120004 p4120005 p4120008

Step #1.5 manually drain the final amount the pump can’t:
This part truly sucked, not just because all the grime and filth was concentrated, but because that small puddle was very deceptive. Those final 3-4 inches were another 350ish gallons of water. I know this because I manually filled and lifted out a 6 gallon shop vac 60 times.

Step #2 Scrub down the walls with a chlorine solution and the calcium build up on the tile with a pumice stone:
p4130019 p4130013 p4130014

Step #3 Admire the work of a completely cleaned pool as you massage raw feet and burning muscles:
p4130022 p4130024

Step #4 Start the refill:
p4140001 p4140004
This is after about 14 hours. I’m guessing it will take about 36 hours to fill. Did I mention how big this pool is?!

I’m going to enjoy our pool this summer so much more than I ever have before, even with the deck in need of repair. And so you know, I’ve already looked into that as a do it yourself project and it’s a no go. I’ll definitely have to fork over a lot of pennies to have new kool deck put down. I’ll appreciate that more when it’s done too.

While I was working on removing the last few inches of pool water, Blake was working on a project with the help of a good friend. Our grill is almost back in working order. As we dug out the old line (or what’s left of it) we felt a new gratitude for getting the gas line turned off a year and a half ago!
We’ve now got the new line put down and hooked up ready for inspection to turn the gas line back on. We opted NOT to put it right under the electrical line against the house like the former pipe ran.
p4130015 p41300161 p4130017

What gets drained, gets filled back up. What gets dirty can be cleaned. There’s a life parallel there.


5 comments on “Drains, Downs, Fills and Ups

  1. Nothing like a good scrub down. Glad to see that Blake is pitching in with all the ‘fun’ chores.

    Yeah, he was happy the picture would have him in so he could take credit for most of the work….LO

  2. That’s a pretty big pool! I bet it will look great once it gets filled in with water again. The kids must be so excited!

    I’m finding it feels really big to me right now too! LOL

  3. Wow, a lot of work. Makes me glad right now we only have the plastic kind, which is also a pain to take apart at the end of summer. But not as much work as your pool.

    Why do the fun things always have to come with so much work?

  4. As much as I want a pool…. sometimes I am glad I don’t have one!

    Yes, this was a lot of work. On the upside I really will appreciate it more now!! :)

  5. Thinking about you… hope all is going well.

    You’re so sweet! I’m doing great, drowning…but great!

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