Christmas Slide Shows

About this time of year interest is renewed in lessons and information on Jesus Christ for Christmas events, lessons, etc. It’s about this time that I start getting more requests for my slide show I did several years ago on the Savior, and I always run into snags with music copyrights. It’s hard for people who download the slide show to understand why I can’t just send them the music files I used. So I decided this year I’d find a way to fix that.
Thanks to an amazing new iMac and its accompanying software, I’m happy to share a new slide show and a revised copy of the original that includes music that can be shared legally. Both shows run around 20 minutes and combine artwork, scripture and music in a powerful presentation on Christ. I have a new Slide Show Page with all the details and various download formats for anyone interested.

I’m excited to have found some solutions and hope it can help others enjoy the Spirit of the season.


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  1. Our RS would love to use your slide show for our christmas lesson but the link isn’t working. Can you email it to you?

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