Champion of My Heart

img_7577 Sweetheart, today you turn twelve. It doesn’t seem possible, and yet I know I’ll feel the same way when you hit sixteen and that will be here before I know it. As a parent you long for your child to reach new milestones all the while wishing against hope that you could keep your precious ones small. You’re growing up before my eyes, but you’ll never outgrow my heart. You see, you are the champion of my heart.

That heart skipped beats before and until your arrival. Oh it tried desperately to achieve regularity and stability, but all was in vain without you. Something inside simply knew it wasn’t complete. I prayed and prayed for that completeness to come. I cried, worried, mourned and despaired over the emptiness only you could fill. For many years I wondered at the future of my heart. For the first time in my life I began to doubt.

They say the brightest rainbows come after the darkest storms. Well dear, your rainbow surpasses description. You are the champion of my heart. You won it over the moment I laid eyes on you, when you were still in your mother’s belly. I felt a tingle in that empty place. The ache in my arms was replaced with such warmth and love the first time I held you, my baby sweet. You were everything I’d hoped; everything I’d dreamed; everything I’d wanted. You still are.

So you see, you can never outgrow my heart for you grew in it. You played a critical role in completing it. You are the champion of my heart.


4 comments on “Champion of My Heart

  1. wow!! I cannot believe 12 years have passed us by!!! She is beautiful!

    Truly. :)

  2. That is SO beautiful!!! I know we don’t talk very often and this is the first time I’ve read your blog, but it brought me to tears! I hope she has a VERY happy birthday and that 16 doesn’t come TOO fast! ;o)

    Thank you so much! I hope it doesn’t come TOO fast either!

  3. Happiest of birthdays to your beautiful girl! :)

    Thanks much!

  4. Happy birthday to your not-so-little girl. Just one more year before the teenage years. Enjoy!

    I’m gonna make the most of that year!

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