PacMan, Bakugan, and Footballs – Oh My!


I can’t resist sharing this photo of Tay a few days ago before his haircut. It seems to fit perfectly with the title of today’s post too!

We had the pleasure of enjoying Grandma and Grandpa’s company last night so we threw in a little early birthday celebration fun. I wish I could put into words how excited my sweet boy gets about things. He was so delighted to see his cake (which was so rushed by mom!!) was in the form of one of his newest video game favorites…PacMan! But when he turned it around and saw the candles that spelled his name and how old he was turning he moved from excited thank yous and jumping to squeals of delight and “You’re the best mom ever!” chants. I love this kid!

pa120001 pa120005


Then we let both kids open their birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa. They scored big time with both, but Tay’s Bakugan was definitely the first prize winner! I should point out to check out his sister’s reaction in the background of the photo, she of course is explaining how much he LOVES these silly toys. *giggle*

This morning he woke up before 7:00 a.m. asking if he could open the rest of his presents. I’m not sure who was more excited, him or his sister. *wink*
pa130031 pa130034


3 comments on “PacMan, Bakugan, and Footballs – Oh My!

  1. I love it!! He seems like such a gracious kid! I love watching our kids open presents, it really is great!

    Everything is better with kids isn’t it? Well, except sleep I think!! ROFL

  2. What a super treat for a super duper boy! Happy birthday little man!! Hugs Ps. I love it when I see little one’s that are gracious for the ‘Little things’ and the ‘Little moments’

    Isn’t that the best?! :)

  3. Nice Pacman cake. Looks like your son had a little trouble with the string on one of his presents. Reminds me of those annoying ties that keep the toys secured in their packaging. And what is about Bakugan? My son is into that too, but I don’t understand it’s appeal.

    You’re not alone in the confusion! Crazy little things.

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