Sowing Seeds

It’s that time of year again for me. Well, actually I’m a little later than previous years but it’s been hotter longer this year and I’ve been working on serious back yard changes. This morning I was able to plant my garden seeds. I’m tickled because I’m finally making my backyard my own and getting projects done that allow me to garden the way I want.

The biggest project is moving my garden planting area into a decorative border framing my yard along the walls. It has been ongoing since the first of the month when we ordered 10 cubic yards of dirt, which by the way is a big pile of dirt. Then we had to dig up the grass – manually, and redistribute the dirt from the pile to the walls – also manually.

p8290001 p8290002 p8290004 p8290007 p8290006 p9070021 p8290006 p9190007 p9190013 p9190014 p9190019 p9190022 p9190015 p9190032 p9190035 p9190037 p9190038

Saturday and today marked getting the first plants and seeds into this newly prepared area:

p9280002_2 p9280001_2 p9280015 p9280013

I’m excited to take pictures in a month or so when all that’s planted has had time to sprout and grow!

Two other projects include completing my new garden spot from this spring into transplanted roses, ornamental peppers and my newly planted salsa garden.

p3300009 p3300010 p6080002 p9280016

And getting the planter boxes replanted with herb seeds and giving Cidnie her own strawberry garden box. These are the plants, she’s also growing more plants inside to add later.

p9280004 p9280005 p9280002

It will be great fun to post “before” and “after” photos in a few more weeks as well as in coming months. I have to give it up to my kids and husband who I literally dragged into this project with me. They were real troopers helping me. I personally believe the seeds sown working will one day sprout into important and valuable traits and skills that far surpass the immediate nature of garden veggies and pretty flowers. Although I love those too!


4 comments on “Sowing Seeds

  1. A lot of work, but it’s looking nice. In our area, we have to put away all of the yard furniture and brace for the rain season.

    Always something to do isn’t there?

  2. Can’t wait to see it!

    Me neither!

  3. Wow!! It is so great when you take on a major project like this and see the results. Fantastic — and congratulations!!

    Thanks for checking out my blog last week — I really appreciate it. I added a new post on Before and After Medication that you might want to check out. I am amazed and so happy with the progress we are seeing with our son. I am so proud that I am sharing maybe when I shouldn’t (*proud mama*).

    Good luck with the rest of the garden project … it is going to look completely amazing. Are you going to plant some evergreen perennuals in there as well?


    I’ll have to come back and check that out. We’re going through more medication adjustments on our end…it seems never ending but that’s a good thing. :)

  4. That looks like hard work but I bet it will be beautiful in the end!

    Here’s hoping!

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