Food Storage, Juries And Miley…Oh My!

Well I mentioned before that this week was nuts. I’m coming up for air now that Friday is closing in fast. I’m happy to report that all is well and many things have been successfully marked off the “list.”

Monday was the craziest day for me. It included nearly 133 miles of driving for two errands. It went something like this:

Drive from the east valley to downtown Mesa to drop off hubby at the Light Rail.
Drive back from downtown Mesa to the east valley to pick up daughter from school.
Drive from the east valley to north Scottsdale for a doctor’s appointment.
Drive back from Scottsdale to the east valley to pick up son from his friend’s house.
Drive from the east valley back to downtown Mesa to retrieve husband at the Light Rail.
Get dinner.
Drive back home to the east valley from Tempe.

The good news is we enjoyed a nice dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. *wink* Actually, the best news was the result of the light rail journey. My husband endured an afternoon of interviewing and grilling in downtown Phoenix for jury duty to be dismissed. Big sigh of relief for me as this daily drive to the light rail for 2.5 months would have totally sucked, not to mention the hit on our schedule for his work with four day a week jury duty. He said while he was relieved he felt like he’d failed a big test. Apparently, our previous experiences with psychiatrists and psychologists didn’t set well with the defense attorney, or at least my husband’s opinions on them didn’t. I’m looking at that as a blessing in disguise. Who knew all those tortured experiences to adopt our children could be such an added benefit in a completely unrelated area?

So Monday was a complete bust, but ended well.

Tuesday was a big day for me with a big meeting that night. The preparation for the food storage basics class and activities has been going for several weeks, but this was show time. It was wonderful! I’m so grateful for such amazing friends that help and lighten the load. I’ve compiled ALL the information here for anyone interested. The overview and details of the event are in the first section, all the handouts and shared information are in the section just below it. *wipes brow*

And finally, tomorrow my hubby is taking our daughter to the Miley Cyrus concert. She is BEYOND excited. It’s funny how quick she is to correct anyone who says “Hannah Montana” that no, it’s Miley Cyrus – clearly they really are two different people. *snort* I’ll be sending my hubby with earplugs and her with a camera. They have a VIP parking pass, which I think Cidnie is magically praying could be doubled as a back stage VIP pass. I told her not to hold her breath, but dream away kid, dream away.


2 comments on “Food Storage, Juries And Miley…Oh My!

  1. Wow on your Monday…whew!

    And yea for your hubby taking Cidnie to see Hannah, I mean MILEY tonight! 😉

    He’s a keeper. 😉

  2. Good luck to your husband. I think all those teenaged girls at the concert would drive me crazy.

    You and me both, SO glad Cid wanted daddy to go with her. 😉

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