The Nature of Busy

It never ceases to amaze me how often the pattern of feast or famine visits my calendar. My husband and I used to joke about how long you could go without a trip to the airport, but when you finally did it be one of many in a short time. The feast or famine concept exists because so many people can relate to it. I wonder why it is? I find myself wondering how much is really an increase in events and how much is a mental stress that impacts my view of it.

My father-in-law always said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

I used to laugh at that but it’s funny because it’s true. If you want to make sure something gets done, the most likely candidate you can count on for it is someone who’s used to being busy and getting stuff done! Those people have figured out how to prioritize and how to complete tasks. Well, today I’m feeling like a busy person. This morning I was looking at my calendar and I just laughed at the sight of it. It truly displays a feast or famine mentality compared to surrounding weeks.

Hopefully I’ll find some moments to share some of the results of the busy I’m feeling this week. Until then, I just hope I can find plenty of battery recharging stations. *giggle*


2 comments on “The Nature of Busy

  1. Good luck. I don’t think it gets better until all of the kids have left the nest.

    I’m wondering if the “get better” is all hype? Scratch that, make it hope. 😉

  2. hmmm… all I can say is… Very well put. Ok, I can say a bit more. I love your Father-in-law’s quote. I agree with it! I hope you make it through the week! :o)

    Thanks much!

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