Silver Linings


I was just reading a friend’s updates on their recent news of tragedy and I couldn’t help myself from thinking about the power of silver linings. I went through my photos to find one that fit.

It’s true. No matter how dark the clouds, how powerful and destructive the storm there is always the hope of rescuing light and peace. Always.


3 comments on “Silver Linings

  1. We all need hope. Otherwise life would be very depressing.

    Isn’t that the truth?!

  2. Hope is what gets me through the hard times. Eventually, everything works out.

    And thank heaven for that right?!

  3. It always gets better. I just wish more people would appreciate that, and not give up too early in the game.

    Thanks for the reminder, Holly. Safe travel…

    Right back at ‘ya! *wink*

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