It Matters


“Without union our independence and liberty would never have been achieved; without union they can never be maintained.

“The time at which I stand before you is full of interest. The eyes of all nations are fixed on our Republic. The event of the existing crisis will be decisive in the opinion of mankind of the practicability of our federal system of government. Great is the stake placed in our hands; great is the responsibility which must rest upon the people of the United States. Let us exercise forbearance and firmness. Let us extricate our country from the dangers which surround it and learn wisdom from the lessons they inculcate.” – Andrew Jackson

This seemed so appropriate for today, and in light of yesterday’s post.


One comment on “It Matters

  1. Ever wonder what would have happened if never became a union? Probably like Europe with a bunch of nations instead of states.

    Now there’s a thought! When you look back, it’s a miracle it ever happened, and an even bigger one that we haven’t totally destroyed it.

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