Potter Time Warp

So I just did a search on my blog because I knew I wrote some reviews of Harry Potter stuff somewhere back there. I found it: Harry Potter Review. I wrote it on July 25th two years ago. Here I am writing more Potter reviews two years later almost to the day. How weird is that?

This review is of the sixth movie which we saw last night. It left an impression because I had Harry Potter dreams all night long, which were amplified by the incredible monsoon storm that raged so loudly so much of the night and early morning. I’m pretty sure that Emmett and Edward Cullen hit some home runs in my back yard last night!

Speaking of the Twilight digression, there’s much to be said with the Potter movie release, aftermath of Twilight and knowledge that both series have more movies in the works. What I find interesting isn’t that there are so many comparisons being made but rather the mere fact that they’re being compared at all. One is magic, one is vampires, yet both struck an amazing accord with fans. One is twice as long as the other, yet both left fans wanting more. Personally, I’m just tickled both were written because I thoroughly enjoyed them and loved being reminded how much fun reading can be.

Now, back to the movie. I thought the sixth movie was excellent. I preface this with the acknowledgment that I was a reader of the books because I think if you weren’t there would be a lot more questions and uncertainty when the credits began to roll, especially if this was your first HP movie. This book/movie in the series was extremely transitional and background filling. I had forgotten how much so until the movie last night. The movie couldn’t capture the depth of what was learned in the book but they skimmed it nicely, in my opinion. We learned that Snape was a brilliant wizard and were left questioning where his allegiances lay. Dumbledore hints to Potter’s invaluable worth and trusts him with very difficult and challenging work. The future relationships of the main characters take more focus. In fact, I’d forgotten about how prevalent the love potion and love story lines were in the sixth installment. When Ron fell off the sofa in a state of love sickness I couldn’t suppress the laughter. I’ve always enjoyed watching Harry Potter come to life on the big screen and this movie was no disappointment. The characters are older and enjoyable to watch. I’m so so so glad there haven’t been any major cast changes over the years, that really ruins sequels for me. I was sad that we lost the original Dumbledore actor because he was perfect for me. I think it’s amazing and some sort of record to make this many movies with so little cast changes though and I applaud the responsible parties for that.

Watching the show sparks an interest to go back and re-read the books as I’ve forgotten so much over the years. I think true Harry Potter fans will be very satisfied with this last movie. If they’re anything like me they’re already wishing we could evaporate to the release of the final two!


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  1. My daughter just started reading the Harry Potter books this month. I got tired of her finishing her other books in two hours so I pushed her into something more challenging.

    Yay! I look forward to hearing how it goes. :)

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