Chasing Time

For a while I thought it was lost, but lately I’ve determined that I’m not losing time I simply can’t catch it. I think I’m on an eternal treadmill. I’ve been trying to find a few minutes to sit down and share some meaningful posts for at least a month now. All’s not lost, at least I can keep up skipping style thanks to Facebook and Gmail, and my iPhone. I love technology.

How do you get off the treadmill? What works for you?


3 comments on “Chasing Time

  1. I can’t even get on the treadmill. I’m stuck in quicksand.

    Hmmm quicksand…how come we can’t strike a middle ground?

  2. I think we all find ourselves a bit lost sometimes. Getting away and getting refocused usually helps…

    Mmmm getting away…sounds like a winner to me! :)

  3. I try to unplug every once in a while (like on vacation…for the most part I stayed offline.)

    But it’s tough!

    Balance is a tough one for me but I think the important thing is to recognize you need to strive for it.

    So true!

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