I find this headline today not only interesting but fairly accurate:

Today’s tykes: Secure kids or rudest in history?
Parents’ focus on self esteem may neglect compassion for others
by Susan Gregory Thomas.

The article cites a few examples of rude, over protective parental reactions and how it may be impacting their children. There are shared concerns by many of this disruptive and inconsiderate behavior that seems to be on the rise.

“It may be that today’s parents are so fixated on their children’s emotional well-being that they’re teaching them that the well-being of others is comparatively unimportant”, says Dr. Philippa Gordon

I find this very interesting as well as accurate. I also agree with the author and those interviewed that no one will want to hire these inconsiderate children when they grow up. We could be raising an entire generation of bad, stinky apples; those who are too ripe for their own good. I hope I can teach my kiddos to stay green and growing all their lives. No one likes an arrogant know-it-all.

I’ve shared posts in the past about the lack of decorum today, the concerns for youth who aren’t learning basic communication and social skills. While I may not declare this article’s title an epidemic I’d certainly have to agree that rudeness is on the rise.


2 comments on “Interesting

  1. I think adults are getting more rude too. Sometimes when I hold the door open for my kids, adults would cut in front of my kids. They don’t even say sorry, excuse me ,or thank you. One of these days, I should just let go of the door.

    So true and so sad. But you’ll never let go of the door because you’re not rude, it’s why you notice rude behavior. *sigh*

  2. too true, remind me to tell you of an interesting conversation I had at the park with another Mother.

    I’ll do that!

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