p4240011It may not be a real word but it sure describes how I’m feeling right now. It’s actually been a “hmmmm” kind of week or so. I’ve not been sad, just really reflective and well… a word, hmmmmmmm. I don’t have any answers as to why, even though Blake tried as hard as me to figure that one out. He even sent me these to cheer me up!
p5020013 Little things mean a lot.

Then there’s the mischievous hmmmmmm. This is the one my kids have mastered. Like this look:
p5040016This look reminds me how on my toes I need to be all the time. *wink*


3 comments on “Hmmmmmm

  1. Sweet hubby! And you definitely need to be on your toes with the mischievous one;)

    Isn’t it the truth?!

  2. It does look like she’s up to something. Did you check your back to make there isn’t a “kick me” sign?

    *snort* How’d you know?! LOL

  3. Hope your spirits are up today! Hmmmmm would describe me many days. 😉

    Thanks much!

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