He Cracks Me Up

I’m not sure what I did for entertainment before my kids. I didn’t think there would be a drama bug that could rival his sister, but Taylor continues to give her a run for her money. Neither of my kids can just tell you something, they have to show you through extreme facial expressions, reenactments and voice inflections. Singing is a regular pass-time at my house for both. Cidnie starts every day with a strong voice, which typically insights some displeased comments and requests to stop from her brother. This pattern is repeated after school in reverse. While they both have their preferences for types and styles, they also both know each others well. Case in point, Taylor fell asleep in the early evening on Wednesday this week (the afternoon swim wore him out), when he woke in that groggy state on the couch he immediately started singing along with the words to the High School Musical 3 song playing on the TV at the time. We all busted up.

Now, Blake is a big culprit for helping feed the words and sayings that his kids might say incorrectly. He’s also recently been educating Taylor on the finer points of movies he missed out in the early 80’s like Flash Gordon paying special interest to the music. Stellar times for mom. Well, when Iron Man came out in movie theaters, the theme song became a regular at my house for a while. Its influence carried over into Halloween as Tay dressed up like him. However, when Taylor was learning the song he always added an “r” in the do-do phrases. Blake was happy to help feed this, so now when we all sing it we throw in a hick “rrrrr” so it comes out dur,dur,dur,dur….instead of do,do,do,do…

Last week Taylor came home with this:
There’s no question who it is or what song, complete with hick “r” is represented.


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  1. Oh no, your son has been infected just like my son. Thanks to my interests, my son drives my wife crazy too.

    Hee hee…so infected. 😀

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