Toilet Paper

I read a funny saying this morning of how life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end the faster it goes. I giggled, thinking almost immediately about how fast the end of that roll really does go.

See, these are the types of things that are witty because everyone can nod their head due to personal experience. It’s the “funny ’cause it’s true” element. I always wish I could come up with stuff like this. You’d think it would be easy given the great abundance of general, funny things the masses will experience/relate to, yet I always come up empty headed. I think there’s a specific brain cell I’m lacking in.

So as I can’t come up with an original one, I started thinking of adaptations to this one:

Problems are like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end the faster it goes.
Lies are like a roll of toilet paper, the…
Dessert is like a roll of toilet paper…
Sanity is like a roll of toilet paper…

And then I thought about things that work in reverse like laundry. Ever notice how no matter how much you do or how close you get to the end, it slows down? How about poison hour – that witching hour that you know you have to make it through to get to some relief? How come these things can’t be like toilet paper?


4 comments on “Toilet Paper

  1. Hi Holly that is so true about the toliet paper and I’m sure that you could think about funny’s too.. You are very smart and talented… I like the way you can put things out there it make my day brighter.. Thanks..

    Awww shucks thanks Cindy! You made my day brighter too. :)

  2. HA HA! that is a Good one!!!!

    You have Such a Cute Blog!!! I found yours through the website Mormon Moms Who Blog. :)

    Hi Merrianne, thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  3. Another reverse: a crying baby at night.

    That’s for sure. How’s that little guy doing?

  4. Cries a lot when he’s wants to be held, which is almost all the time.

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