Back-burner Adjustments

You know how you get those things on your to do list that seem to creep and stay on the back-burner? It’s not that they’re not important, they’re just easy to keep procrastinating. Well, I’m here to tell you how much relief and hidden momentum you can find when you tackle just a few of them and move them to the front.

For several years my husband and I have been saying we need to make sure we’ve got a will and affairs in order just in case anything ever happened. We know it’s important, we just keep thinking we have more time and consequently the project stays untouched on the back-burner. We finally took the first step and it feels great!

I took the positive energy and crossed off another long overdo project. I researched the doctor’s office by my children’s dentist office and set up an appointment for myself.

It’s crazy how long you can let things get dusty by procrastinating. I’m embarrassed to admit how many years these two things have been put off, although they’ve been thought of on a regular basis. Why is it so easy to think about things but so hard to convert that energy into action?


2 comments on “Back-burner Adjustments

  1. We got a will and trust setup when our first child was born, but we have not updated since that first time. Our bad.

    At least you got yours set up once, we only talked about it! :)

  2. We’re the same way. We still don’t have a will either, but we talk about it. God forbid something happen to use, we need everything straight for the kids. It’s just finding the time to get them done. They’re on the “back-burner” because they’re not easy I guess. No one wants to think about death or talk about it, and that’s exactly what you do when you deal with wills. I suppose it has to get done eventually. I’m glad you got yours done. And I’m glad you made a doctors appointment. Coming from a person who has a lot of medical issues— it really all is a lack of maintenance that snowballs into medical problems. You get two thumbs up from me. :)

    I’ll take those two and raise you two! :)

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