I woke up to this fun note in my mailbox, which I really needed after spending a day in bed yesterday!

“Thank you so much! We have incorporated many of your wonderful ideas and are very excited to have our program on the 31st. This is being done on a Stake Level and will be very exciting for the girls. We have received many props from a teacher that had trees made and I will be sure to forward you a few pictures of our evening and let you know how it went. Thanks again. We love your site! Keep up the good work!”


It’s such a small thing, but it’s what keeps me going on the giant task of getting my many files digitalized and shared on my blog. On the upside of this task, I did get a lot of computer organization done this week. So here’s hoping that I’ll be able to keep up the pace and get more stuff shared.

Today I’m making a mental note to myself to send a simple word of thanks to someone who may not know how much what they share or do means to me.

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3 comments on “Inspiration

  1. How nice. It’s always good to get a thank note.

    Thanks! I thought so too. :)

  2. Wow, organized on your computer?? Got any clues on how you do that??

    Your blog looks awesome. I’m going to have to check back again!

    And really, any clues for organizing your stuff on computer would be a God-send!


    Stop by my blog and say hi some time.

    Hi Connie, thanks so much!

  3. I think saying a simple thank you is so important. You just never know how it may brighten up someone’s day.

    Isn’t that the truth??!!

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