Double Ouch!

I’m just sitting here wondering why it is that once you hurt any part of your body the chances of re-injuring the same area increases exponentially? I swear it’s as if that spot suddenly becomes magnetic or something.

Case in point, yesterday afternoon I managed to smack my left finger just above the first knuckle. I don’t even remember how I did it, I just know it hurt and I peeled a little skin back in a single horizontal line across the finger. It didn’t require a band-aid, just a head shake and momentary sting. Well, this morning I was loading sacks from the store into the back of my car when I managed to strike the exact same spot! I took in a sharp breath and checked out the damage to see that I’d reopened the wound and now it was making a bloody mess all down my finger. The entire drive home I puzzled on the question of why I’d happen to hit the exact same spot, at the exact same angle. It’s not an obvious or even likely spot. I mean what are the odds? And yet, I can instantly rename countless time I managed to stub the same dang toe, hit the same bruise, etc., etc., etc.

So do you think that knowing you’ve injured something brings unconscious and unintended attention to that area making it more likely to injure again? Or maybe it’s that I’m always this clumsy but don’t notice until I really hurt something? I suppose it could be sheer coincidence, but it sure seems to happen with a great deal of accuracy with any injury. Why is that?

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3 comments on “Double Ouch!

  1. I know what you mean. I once had a toe injury, and the same week, stubbed the injured toe about 4 times. hmm…

    Well at least it’s not just me! Sorry about the toe though…quadruple ouch!

  2. Don’t even get me started about recurring back problems. A couple of weeks I managed to hurt it while just sitting at my desk. Didn’t know office work was so dangerous.

    Who knew?

  3. I know what you mean. It’s like when I accidentally bite the inside of my mouth and keep accidentally biting the same place over and over again.

    Ug! So true!

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