Wordless Wednesday – Monday Night Fun

Just FYI – this is the only kind of snow for me! *wink*

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5 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – Monday Night Fun

  1. We did this last night too! They turned out so cute! I hung them on our front window- I love coming home and seeing them through the glass! But now I am loving the snow-stairs! I think I will be doing that next year!

    Aww it is so much fun to do, especially with kids! :)

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    Thanks much!

  3. Me too!!!! It was over 80 degrees here today – a perfect Florida day. Yesterday was the same and so we spent the late afternoon down by the river watching the pelicans feed off the leftovers from what the fisherman caught. I love Florida!

    What a nice afternoon!

  4. How cute. I prefer the real snow, but for some reason it melts when I bring it indoors.

    Hmmmm that’s odd.

  5. I like that kind of snow!

    :) Me too!

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