It’s Time for Mistletoe & Holly

The Christmas season has always been one of my favorites. As a child I couldn’t help feeling that some of those songs were just for me. Seeing beautiful light displays and feeling the wonder of decorated trees remains at the top of my list for favorites.

This year’s festivities got off to an early start with having family in town for Thanksgiving. We took in Zoolights on Thanksgiving night and the temple lights just a few nights later.

Last night the kids and I finished putting up Christmas decorations. I remember how much I loved doing this as a child, it was like bringing a little magic into your home. We had to twist dad’s arm, but we even got him to help us put up some outside lights this weekend too. It’s already the second week of December, but I’m finally feeling like the holidays are really here. The kids are hot on my heels to get the gingerbread baked so we can make some new creations this year. I’m moving ahead with a lot of projects, but feeling the pressure to finish a few that I really care about in time to get shipped. Why do I always do that to myself? *eye roll*

Speaking of which, I’ll leave with my favorite decoration and get back to the task of projects.

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3 comments on “It’s Time for Mistletoe & Holly

  1. Christmas lights always put us in a holiday mood, too. It’s great that you had family visiting to enjoy this with!

  2. We love the zoo lights too, but it’s too cold at night over here. We’be been there twice in the past and froze both times.

  3. Even though there are no happy childhood Christmas memories for me – it was the time of year my mother’s illness would step up into high gear until well into January – I have always loved the holiday season as an adult.I especially love the lights – not only around my own home but all around the community and even on the HGTV ‘What’s with THAT Christmas House’ ;)….I love this time of year!!!! Have a wonderful and glorious Christmas!!!

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