How Do You Spell Happy?

Happiness is defined in so many ways. My children are delighted to have so many family members staying with them for Thanksgiving. Cidnie is all about babysitting and baby’s so she’s in 7th Heaven:

And Taylor is delighted that Grandma lets him help her with her needlework:

These are the quiet moments that make mom’s heart happy.

There are a lot of other things going on right now that make them happy too, like having more playmates to rock out with Rock Band, the Wii games, board games, not to mention play at the park. Today they’re getting out of a half day of school to come home and play. Yes, there are lots of reasons to smile this week.

For us, happiness is most easily defined with one word – family.

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7 comments on “How Do You Spell Happy?

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Holly!

    Thanks so much

  2. Awwww! Those re moments of bliss! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with family! :)

    Thanks! And to you too!

  3. Family is very important, but I would be happy if the kids don’t fight over something tomorrow.

    Oooo no fighting would be like a slice of heaven!

  4. These are the moments you’ll remember forever.

    Absolutely, it’s what makes the chaos worth the effort isn’t it?

  5. Hi Holly,
    I am leaving a comment here in hopes that I will hear back from you. I have downloaded the powerpoint file for the silent Christmas lesson and would love to use it in my RS lesson next month. I downloaded both powerpoint files you had available but I didn’t get music with either of them. I am trying to figure out if I did something wrong. If music is not available with it can you tell me where to obtain it? Thanks so much.

  6. Holly – I found your blog through Google while searching “daughter with ADHD”. Our 6 year-old was just diagnosed last week and I’m a bit lost. Can you recommend any good websites/blogs for support? Any help you could give would be great. Is there any one place on your blog that addresses what your family has experienced? Sorry for all of the questions! Thanks – Melissa

  7. I bet Taylor’s getting all kinds of attention! She would at our house! Happy holidays!

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