The Toothfairy Truth

Yesterday was a milestone for my son. He lost his first tooth.

He proudly told and showed everyone the remainder of the evening about his newest accomplishment. Mom still squirms a bit thinking about helping him get it out, but the smile was worth it. I’m glad I got a picture for him because it was the only thing that made it okay for him to go to school this morning. Apparently, having the tooth to show his classmates was a very big deal to him and although he was happy for what he found under his pillow he woke up sad that his tooth was gone. Having a picture of it was a wonderful solution to his new dilemma, he even proudly showed dad how the printed copy was the same size as his hand.

Now for anyone who has ever wondered the truth about the toothfairy, I share my son’s most logical reasoning from last night. I should preface that when I tucked him in he stated ever so simply how moms and dads put the money under the pillow. A little taken back I asked where he’d heard that and he just rolled his eyes telling me everyone knew that. So I was anxious to hear what Blake learned during his nightly hug. What he shared was classic. So without further adieu, from the mouth of a child here’s the real deal:

“The parents put the money under the pillow. The toothfairy takes the tooth to give to other kids who need it.”

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8 comments on “The Toothfairy Truth

  1. Quinta Buchan (acetated bubble)

    November 14, 2008 at 10:02 am Reply

    awwwww!!! that is so sweet!!


  2. Now, that’s great reasoning! He shouldn’t be growing up so fast!


  3. That is sooo cute! Love kids’ logic!

    They are fun little scholars eh?

  4. That is sooo cute! I just love it! How do kids figure these things out so fast??? I dont’ think I figured it out that quick! :)

    I know the feeling!

  5. Oh, so that’s what happens to the tooth. Too bad we can’t grow another set when we get really old.

    That’s what I was thinking!

  6. My five year old daughter has been asking me lately “When am I going to lose my teeth?” She is starting to learn about the tooth fairy, and there are other children at school that are loosing their baby teeth. I am just waiting for her reaction when she finally does lose a tooth.

    I can’t believe how quickly these milestones come!

  7. Congrats on the lost tooth and I love his logic. Makes perfect sense to me! 😉

    Thanks! Yes, it’s hard to argue with such logic.

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