Where To Begin? Part II

You’ve got to love going to start a new article only to find you’ve already used that title before! I find that happening more and more the longer I blog. *grins*

So it’s Monday morning and I find myself asking where to start the new day and week. Not that any one day is more important than another, but for me Monday is pretty critical. It has the power to set the tone for my productivity and pace for the remainder of the work week. Therefore, it often gets more of my organizing attention than other weekdays. Today I’m sifting through the many things that I want and need to do, balancing it with the time available and trying to define the best attack.

I’ve noticed a pattern in my life where tasks and to do lists seem to cycle. I’ve gotten much better over the years at doing enough of the critical stuff often enough to keep the list floating instead of sinking with regards to the quantity of items on it. This has come from the learned value of discipline in consistently devoting small sections of times to various tasks. This is great, but the self-discipline often wanes especially when it comes to doing the things I enjoy. When this happens, I find that the list gets heavier and heavier as I continue to spend more time procrastinating things by keeping at the things I enjoy doing. Eventually the weight bothers me enough to do something about it again. That’s where I am this morning.

And so I begin where every good story must – deciding the purpose and defining a path. In short, prioritizing the list. Ironically, the time when this job becomes the most important is most often the time when you feel it’s not as pressing or urgent. Why is it that the up times of progress and ease are the times when we most often fall off the wagon? I guess that’s the reality of why trials are required for our continue progress, sometimes they are all that will move us from our procrastination point of comfort. I also find at this point that there’s a bit of illusion in keeping your task list floating; almost a false sense of security. It’s amazing how much the non-critical items can suddenly carry more weight and influence that the bigger critical ones, especially when allowed to build. Perhaps that’s just the nature of things, that non-critical things remain that way until they themselves by sheer volume begin to carry more weight? I’m not sure. I only know that today my list feels heavy even though the things on it are not really that important or big.

So where will you begin? How do you define your lists of task for a new week?

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One comment on “Where To Begin? Part II

  1. Monday is the busiest work day of the week for me. As a result, I try to put together a weekend to-do list on Friday. Naturally, the tasks usually take more time than I thought and I usually don’t get through my entire list.

    What a great idea…jump start of sorts…

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