I started my week this morning determined to make it a great and “get lots done” week. I woke up early, tackled the cabinets over my computer for gutter clutter, soaked the garden spot, cleaned the patio and was so grateful I spent those extra minutes late last night doing dishes and folding laundry so I could wake up with less to do and more boost!

I sat down at my computer around 9:30, caught up on blogs, e-mails and changed my desktop background to a fall theme. I couldn’t help but ponder on changes, I glanced at the calendar to be reminded of how much time has already passed and chuckled when I read “Autumn Begins” on today’s square. I’m so bad about stuff like this, I leave the official season change dates and winter solstice to my uber competent hubby. Then it occurred to me that I didn’t need a calendar to tell me this, something inside me already knew.

Some Arizonan’s would argue with this because of the more common complaint regarding the lack of season changes here. To their credit, we don’t get snow we just get various degrees of warmth and rain. But I know when the changes come, and I love it. Although I have to admit that before I really started tackling gardening here I didn’t notice as much either. Now it’s like an internal barometer that kicks in when I know it’s time to prep the garden plot again for seeds. This is my favorite time of year here. Tonight we’re planting our fall garden and I’m really looking forward to it!

On this note, Saturday Blake tackled the yard with a vengeance and Tay was hot on his heels. I love that this little guy loves helping in the yard and garden so much. I came home from a morning activity to hear all about how Tay mowed all but one or two swipes of the front yard on his own under daddy’s watchful eye, then moved right into tilling the garden. He was so proud of his blister on his thumb and his “strong muscles” from all that work. He gleefully shared his blister with anyone who would listen at church yesterday. Although we got a lot of weird stares we just smiled right alongside him.

Here’s hoping the rest of the week will keep up the current level/pace of productivity for me. Maybe I was just waiting for “the change.” *giggle, giggle, snort*

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6 comments on “Fall

  1. Have fun planting the garden!!!

    I love how Taylor is such a big helper! Enjoy it now (hopefully he’ll stay that way!) before he gets to be “too big” to help.


    I hope so too!

  2. I can tell it’s fall around here too. It dropped almost 30 degrees from the week before. Glad your son likes helping. I can’t wait until my kids start doing yard work too.

    30 degree drop? Yipes!

  3. WOW! Give me some of that energy! :) Good luck!

    Wish I could hang on to longer! LOL

  4. It’s not hard to tell when the season changes here. It goes from being really hot, to really cool here. Not really a “cold” type whether, our fall is short but it’s just like a second Spring. It’s nice. Glad you see you’re getting some things done! I actually am getting more done with the girls in preschool, even if it only gives me 4 hours a week by myself since the girls are on separate schedules.

    A few hours a week make a huge difference! :)

  5. I can totally relate since we don’t get traditional seasons here, either. I am looking forward to the cooler weather, though.

    You and me both!

  6. ARe you related to Rex and Mary Schwendimann? They are my greats on my mother’s side. She’s an Ahlstrom.

    I believe we are.

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