Tuesday Toughies

I don’t know why, but Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be the hardest days of the week for me. Mondays are hectic, but it’s expected so I never pay it much mind. Wednesday gives me refueling knowing it’s mid-week and Friday of course stands alone as the day that signifies the end…relief! But these other two days hit a lull for me that’s hard to pinpoint.

This morning I decided to figure out what my “toughies” are today. First I noticed my tile floor…yipes. My steamer may run away with how much is waiting there to be cleaned up! It occurred to me this morning how odd it is that when we moved into this home I would faithfully steam my floors every single week – when they needed it the very least! *giggle* I’m not sure how much of that was ease because there was so little to do and how much of it was the new bug, but it’s funny to me that I was so faithful with deep cleaning when it was least required. It made me think that I often make things harder simply by putting them off. It’s why I feel such relief when I get it done! My yard is screaming for attention and the weather is just starting to turn so I’ll be able to give it some of that much needed time and energy. But as I looked out my (dirty) kitchen window this morning, again I saw how much harder jobs are when I let them build through neglect. I know in theory and practice that maintenance is always easier than an overhaul, but for some reason bridging that gap with simple household chores is a real challenge!

I’m going to pull the ‘sick’ card because I don’t get to very often and because it makes me feel better today. I’m still a little under the weather but mostly feel it only in my productivity department. It’s amazing how such simple things can put my world on tilt. Last week at this time I was feeling dumpy with a cold and thinking how I couldn’t wait to start a fresh new week. Today I’m in the same rut with a different kind of bug but a bug none the less. I need a health bug exterminator! *giggle* I keep telling myself if I ignore the silly bugs and pretend they don’t exist, maybe they’ll go away on their own! At any rate, I know more has slipped in the past couple weeks and is more visible simply because I haven’t felt up to doing things. This is another testament to the reality that maintenance is worth its weight in gold!

So today’s toughies for me are to get something more productive done at my computer. I’ve spent plenty of time here the past couple weeks but what’s gotten done doesn’t fit in the productivity bucket! I also hope to find my steamer and clean my very dirty floor and windows. I’m not sure how much tackle is in me this Tuesday, but by sharing it here I feel like be committing myself a bit to it! Maybe that will help. *wink*

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2 comments on “Tuesday Toughies

  1. Sometimes saying you’ll do it is enough fuel to get it done. I don’t know, I think that if I was a stay-at-home mom that I would do more around the house. I did the stay at home mom for 6 months before I had to start working at least part time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sick, or healthy… sometimes apathy just feels good. Sometimes maintenance just isn’t what in us, I think. Our yard periodically gets let go. Weeds, things need planted, grass needs planted. We know it needs to get done but there’s just so many things we WANT to do. Seems like our lives are so busy that if we always do what needs to be done, or the usual upkeep– we would never have time to do what makes us happy. (Like blog.)

    If Tuesdays and Thursdays are your two days out of the week that are hard, you can always try to squeeze in something on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from those days. But, in my opinion (humble as it might be) I think you deserve those two days for yourself!

    Thanks dear! I know we often don’t give ourselves permission to relax. And oh how well you know me to know I’d rather be here than somewhere else..hee hee.

  2. Maybe you just need to relax. You can always be productive later. Like around Christmas time. I’m sure you have don’t else to then.

    ROFL – That’s a good point!

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