A Helping Hand

I was just at my car loading groceries this morning when a car pulled up behind me. The man driving was apologetic for disturbing my morning but was in need of help paying his power bill as his payday wasn’t until the 8th. He held out his power ‘pay in advance’ card for me to see but it wasn’t necessary. I could hear the desperation in his voice and see it in his eyes as he described his power being turned off that morning. Visions from the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” flooded my mind. I could see a small family at home with no A/C, no lights and no refrigerator. I told him I rarely carried cash but he was welcome to whatever I may have. I was so grateful to have something in my wallet. It was less than $10.00 but it was something; his gratitude was overwhelming. I just wished it could have been more. I wished him the best and he drove away.

I spent the drive home thinking about all the people who struggle to make ends meet every day. Those that fall short on funds to pay a power bill by three or four days before pay day. I thought about how fun it would be to call up the power company, tell them to pick five residential customers who were in line for getting their power cut and anonymously filling their account for another month. I thought of the concept of random acts of kindness and how important they are. I even thought about starting a blog or other publication about it – something that shared little acts of kindness shown around the world. It seems like the news is so full of all the terrible things that it’s no wonder so many are guarded with more than their wallets these days.

There are many who would call me a fool. A fool for sharing my substance with one who asked. After all, how can you ever be really sure they are honest or aren’t going to misuse your generosity? To those, I simply say so what if they do. They have a need, I have the ability to give them something. Who am I to judge the validity of a hand asking for help? I know what it’s like to go through hard times, to pray for a break. In short, a simple helping hand once and a while. Today I am thinking I need to stash a $50 bill in my car or wallet just for such occasions. I was actually kicking myself as I began driving home that I didn’t march the gentleman back inside the store to the bank inside and help him put at least a couple week’s worth of power on his card. Next time, I’ll be better prepared.

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5 comments on “A Helping Hand

  1. Holly you are such a loving person, I don’t think that I could be that nice maybe I could. I guess I just would have to see what the outcome would be if I was in that situation.. I love your blog… You are so talented too…Have a nice day. :)

    Aww schucks – thanks!

  2. Good for you. If someone pulled up behind, I would like I’m going to get robbed. Once I saw three men stranded on the road because of a flat tire. I pulled over and gave them a ride. But the whole time I was thinking I hope they don’t pull a gun on me.

    It’s sad that those things can be so scary isn’t it?

  3. The world would be a better place if more people had your empathy – and willingness to act on that empathy. Instead, our world seems to have become overrun at times with cynicism. Thank goodness you’re around the counter the trend.

    Doubtless this man will feel the impact of your act of kindness long after the bill is paid.

    Awww thanks Carmi!

  4. You are such an amazing person. I’m not sure I would have been as generous but I’m glad you were able to help him. I’m sure he was truly in need of help.

    You are too kind, but I am so glad I was able to help some too!

  5. I was humbled by your experience. We too had a similar experience. Perhaps sharing my personal trials and experiences isnt so proper, however I couldnt resist. Very recently…we had a neighbor that didnt have enough money to pay for her groceries. Though we aren’t in the best of financial stability, the softened heart in me said otherwise. I gave her all the money I had…my safe keeping that I store for a rainy day, or rather for an emergency. Well I considered this an emergency. Although it put me in a set back….I can peacefully go to bed at night, knowing she fed her children for the week. Thank you for your sweet and tender spirit and your desire of generosity!! To some it would seem so small….but to this gentleman…Im sure it meant the world to him. The Lord loves you-

    Thanks much Tonya! I have no doubt that the answer to our prayers come through the hands of willing servants. Kuddos on your generosity too!

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