Photo Project Days 8 & 9

Last week was nearly a bust with me catching a cold. But I did get another photo day in there, just didn’t get around to posting it, so I’ll share today’s work with last week’s day eight.

Project stats: 975 photos, day 9 is my highest day for total scans at one time coming in at 187. All remaining photos not yet in albums to be scanned are now in two folder in front of my one drawer. This is HUGE progress as I began with two drawers!

My control sheet is moving into spreadsheet form. It’s interesting to note how much I scan on specific days, as well as seeing about how many photos I have accumulated thus far for each year. This will be even more interesting when I hit phase two of this project which is getting all the new digital photos in paper backup. I wonder if I took more pictures once I went digital or if I’ve always kept about the same pace over the years?

At any rate, I wanted to share that today I am struck again by how quickly time passes. I’ve been scanning a lot of baby photos of my little guy. Something I’m especially grateful for given that his birth grandmother was able to sit with me Sunday night and it was so easy to share these! As I scanned photos today I saw glimpses into the not so distant future of a teenage daughter and son. How grateful I am for the time we have had to enjoy them and the time we have yet!

In honor of capturing some big growth insights, I’m sharing these two pictures for today’s project picks:

Both pictures are from just 4 years ago in 2004, which doesn’t seem so long ago but compared to how they look today it’s a lot! In 4 more years I’ll have two kids in double digits age wise! That hardly seems possible, but there it is.

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3 comments on “Photo Project Days 8 & 9

  1. Glad you’re better. I’ve been busy with the new school year. Cute pictures. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when my son was still in a stroller. And now, he’s in kindergarten

    I so know the feeling!

  2. 4 years doesn’t seem like a long time but when it comes to kids, it sure is! :-)


  3. This is the awesome part of getting photos organized…the wonderful journey down memory lane…it is amazing how it all comes back – the day – the smells – the joy. Hope you are feeling better.

    Isn’t it the truth?! Thanks so much!

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