Photo Project Day 7

Today was a happy dance day. I made it all the way through my first file drawer of pictures! I scanned almost 150 pictures today bringing the total to date 720. I can see some light at the end of this project tunnel as it’s really fun! I’m already visualizing new projects that will be so easily put together now that I can see having ALL my photos organized digitally. I’m so glad I haven’t given in to the burnt out bug on this. I love that I can really see progress with each step and each day I put some effort into it. It’s also nice for me knowing that I can do this much in only an hour or so a day. I’ve spent less than 10 hours total over 7 different days and I have over 700 photos to show for it and organized digital files to boot. Did I mention happy dance day?

So here’s today’s pick:

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7 comments on “Photo Project Day 7

  1. I love the one of her hugging the dog. So cute!

    I give you credit for tackling those photos! I have about 5 years worth to go through and the pile just keeps getting bigger every day!

    Thank you! Those years really back up quick!

  2. It must feel so good to know you are almost done with such a huge accomplishment! Congrats.
    Hey if you haven’t already entered, this is the last week of the gumball contest.

    It is a big boost!

  3. Cute pictures. My kids would love a puppy, but something tells me they won’t be the ones taking care of it. Or cleaning up after it.

    Smart daddy.

  4. Congrats on your accomplishment and LOVE the pics…but, this is the same dog that was buttered? Why do I think it was a much larger dog?

    Oh I’m e-mailing you! I KNEW you’d remember the buttered dog….LOL

  5. Holly, what an inspiration! I have needed a boost in that area- the desire is there, just not the motivation yet. I am going to get it together!

    Thanks Candice! It is a BIG project!

  6. Okay, I can say I am addicted to blogging, however I am so behind with scrapbooking these days. I think I have about 8 years of pictures piled up & nothing to show for it. I guess I better get crackin on those projects. I have a couple of scrapbooks done, however many…many…to go.
    The picture with Syd & the dog is absolutely cute. She looks so young in the picture!! :)

    Well, blogging counts with scrapbooking, so you’re already a step up! :)

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