Photo Project Day 6

I’m nearly to the end of my first file drawer of scanning and I need that success because it’s harder and harder to keep myself scanning! Getting going is the hard part, once it’s rolling it’s always fun seeing old pictures and reliving great memories. It’s a great reminder of how important persistence and pieces of success are to completing any big project.

I scanned several today of events from the years 1993-2002. Here’s today’s pick from 1995:

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3 comments on “Photo Project Day 6

  1. Ha! You guys match. My wife and I will never match because we are opposites when it comes to what we wear.

    Well we did have the advantage of company T-shirts for the summer picnic. I just laughed at how young we looked.

  2. Good for you! Keep on going as there will be an end somewhere!
    What a tremendous accomplishment you are making! Thanks for the

    Thank you for helping keep me inspired!

  3. You are truly inspiring me with your photo project!!! I have yet to attack the older files….however, I have been scrapbooking this week 😉

    Oh goodie!

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