Bigger Mess Before It’s Done

Why is it that so often you have to make a bigger mess before you can really clean? It seems moronic and torturous.

Friday I had to start finding more places to put things. Since my hubby started working from home I lost a lot of storage space. Well that’s putting it mildly. What I really lost was a throw away room where I could store stuff without effort or much organization! *giggle* I had attempted to organize the closet in the office better before he took the room over, but much of it wasn’t working. Friday I had to start over, which meant pulling things out of two closets before I could start putting things away. Too bad I don’t have a photo for how rotten that was! The first task was getting the games which had previously been put on the shelf in the office closet down where the kids could reach them. I shouldn’t have waited so long as this has been a major thorn in the side for both mom and dad as the kids had to constantly ask us to get them down. Now they’re in the bottom of the hall closet where they can reach.

The next step was making the most of that 4+ foot space from the closet shelf to the ceiling. I ended up piling up all those VHS tapes that I still want to convert to DVD sometime into towers. Between that and the old manuals I was able to get what had previously taken up easily 2-3 shelves to fit into a couple tall towers. It was a better use of the space but getting anything of the top requires a great stretch on the old stepping stool. I also moved the instruments and wrapping paper holder onto the remaining shelf which also turned out to be better use of the space. These are the only things that were in reach on the closet floor and ironically the only things I would have wanted my kids to have to ask for help/permission getting into. Sometimes parents are a little slow. I blame it on sleep deprivation which directly correlates with children.

The shelves that I had previously used to organize this closet went into my son’s to organize his toys and make more floor space in his closet (which makes perfect sense knowing I just cleared more space to make a mess in – sleep deprivation, I’m telling ‘ya.) He’s happy and old toys feel new again. Too bad you can’t make that benefit last longer. *snicker* It’s also too bad that adult shelves take much longer to organize than a child’s. I’m not so sure we can call that part of maturity progress.

The bottom half isn’t what I want but it’s a start to get me to the next point in my process. I organized projects and stuff into my empty Avon boxes for easy stacking and labeled them on the side trying to put what I was least likely to ever get into at the bottom. I think long term I want to move these into some clear bins. How is that you can still manage to have so much stuff when you continually go through things to simplify? The pile of donation items is taking over my garage but my closets are still full of boxes holding ‘stuff’, it’s pretty twisted.

I brought in the old plastic filing bins from the garage…the ones I swore I wouldn’t bring inside my new home when we moved. I’m telling myself they’re only temporary. On the bright side, they also make better use of the space and keep the closet looking neat. It’s not that I hate the idea of the organizing it’s just that they’re so bulky and ugly. I moved the school supplies and summer fun projects into these drawers. But the real purpose of them and using them was for the ultimate project that I mentioned the first day my kids went back to school – the photos. The bottom two drawers of the black bins are full of photos waiting to be scanned and placed in books. There are also three clear drawers of scrapbook keeping items like school pictures, memorabilia, etc. that area also waiting to be digitalized and/or placed in books. My thought is that I can pull one drawer at a time to being my process and still be able to put it ‘away’ and out of sight at the end of the day. I’m visualizing an empty closet and a beautiful set of matching photo album books to keep me on track. Too bad I don’t have a Harry Potter wand or vampire super speed to aid me in my efforts. *sigh*

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7 comments on “Bigger Mess Before It’s Done

  1. Oh my goodness you have been busy. You should check out the Declutter challenge over at My Simpler Life

    Yes..why do these things always take SO long? The results are deceiving for how much effort goes into it – kind of like weeding! LOL

  2. I think it looks really nice. I have a really nice storage closet, but it’s the only one we have for 9 people, so when I get a chance I’m going to have to tackle it!

    Thanks! I think finding ways to organize while still keep the getting at things practically is the hardest part of parental organization!

  3. Everything looks great! It’s always just a wonderful feeling when you can get everything cleaned up and organized.

    Isn’t it the truth?:)

  4. There has many times when I wished I was Flash and could do things at super speed. Then reorganizing wouldn’t take so long and be so painful.

    You and me both.

  5. Wow! That looks really great! I need to do the same for some of my closets!

    Thanks so much!

  6. Hmm. . . ., mine could use your efforts, when are you free???

    For you, anytime. Now if we could just close the gap on distance….where’s that transporter anyway??

  7. I am a cleanup and organize stuff freak and I’m happy with that! The pictures are great. Everything should have it’s place and we have to be the ones who enforce this (LOL)! Happy cleaning… BTW, tell me why, oh why, did I just get a puppy then if I embrace clean so much? Ugh!

    Oh good luck with the pup. Nice to know another clean/organize freak!

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