Merry Christmas To Me!

I love Kohl’s. Don’t get me wrong, I hate shopping but I love saving money. A few weeks ago my husband and I braved the store for some shopping. With all their 40-60% off sales we not only got more than we had planned but kept shaking our heads walking out the door at how little it cost and how in one stop we’d done nearly all our shopping. From that trip I got $30 toward my next purchase at their store and a 20% off coupon in the mail to boot. So yesterday I forced myself to go out again so as not to waste the $30.00 which expires today or the extra 20% off coupon which expires Monday.

The kids are getting their toys for Christmas and this year my hubby and I are getting a dining room table – a nice one. It’s being delivered on Monday. My daughter is so excited to use my wedding china for our Christmas dinner and on a new table to boot. So I was thinking a great place to put the $30 was toward a nice table cloth/setting for our Christmas dinner. Well at first I was intimated because our table is huge and the size table cloth I’d need was $49.99 by itself. Then I saw the 60% off signs everywhere. So I got all this (over $100 of price tags) for…..drum roll please……

….a whopping $13.40! Now that’s my kind of Christmas surprise.

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5 comments on “Merry Christmas To Me!

  1. Hi there…just wanted to say your site is beautiful, I found it while looking through PPP’s random 10, and it was one worth stopping and visiting for a while. OH, and I love Kohl’s too, but usually shop online. I only go to the store if there is something to return, don’t brave the malls during the holidays very often :-) Have a blessed Christmas!

    Oh I’m so happy you stopped by and took a moment to comment. :) I’m totally with you about reducing/eliminating in store/mall time!

  2. Kohl’s is my favorite (clothing) store!!!!! We tend to do a lot of our Christmas shopping there (and throughout the year)–so much so I’m a most valuable customer *groan*

    Enjoy your new dining table with some very pretty accessories!!!

    Aha! Me too, valuable customer…LOL Thanks so much, I can’t wait to see it and share pictures! :)

  3. You scored! I hate shopping, but I love great deals too.

    Nice to have a winning score once and while eh? :)

  4. I used to work at Kohls, so I know the deals. I’ve been there four or five times for Christmas shopping. I love it!

  5. Hey Holly!

    I’m making rounds and seeing what the ol’ blogger friends are up to. :) I LOOOOOVE Kohl’s. So many good deals, and you can’t beat them for school clothes shopping. :)

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