Holy Monsoon Season Batman!

Since living in Arizona (making this my 9th year I believe), I’ve seen some pretty incredible rain and electrical storms. We even had our satellite dish struck with lightening once. But yesterday afternoon we got a rain storm unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My daughter’s comments are so timely toward the end of this clip!

The water came down in such torrents and so quickly I had it coming into my house through the front door! Within a few minutes my entire towel was soaked.

Here’s one neighbor wading through the water to retrieve his garbage barrel. There were several that lined the end of the culdesac when the storm was over and I saw people walking them back up to the top of several streets last night!

This truck driving through helps give an idea of how deep the water on the street was…and all this within about 15-20 minutes!

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6 comments on “Holy Monsoon Season Batman!

  1. Whoa! We had a bad monsoonal rainstorm yesterday as well, but nothing like THAT!!!!

    It was CRAZY!

  2. Hey, Holly! Stopped by to say hi, or hey, or whatever. Hope you’re doing great, weather permitting.

    Hee hee, weather permitting. Always nice to *see* you. 😉

  3. Hi Holly! What crazy pictures! It rained out here pretty hard too, but nothing like flooded streets! Holy cow! :) see you soon!

    Counting the days to dinner! 😉

  4. That’s crazy! I wish we would get a “little” rain here in Nashville. Our grass is brown and dead! :(

    Too bad we can’t transport it!

  5. That is a nasty storm. I didn’t think it rain in Arizona. People make fun of all the rain we get in the NW. We have a lot of rain days, but we don’t actually get as much rain as a lot of other places.

    Crazy hugh? I like the NW.

  6. Oh my Lord! I have never seen rain come down like that! My Mom lives in Nanaimo so she gets a lot more rain than we do but nothing like what you get! The noise must have been deafening!!

    It was truly something else to be sure!

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