Pressure, Pressure….Making/Finding Diamonds

I was innocently sitting here minding my own business when out of the blue I was assaulted with one of the sweetest surprise bombs. I got an e-mail from a good friend giving me a heads up. This friend is loyal, honest and real. I’ve never met her in person, but I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. Her name is Mary and as you may have guessed she’s a blogger who goes by the name Mert and writes about how her view is Almost, Somewhat Positive. Here’s what she wrote to give me a heads up about:

    “Holly is everything I would love to be as a mom, human and writer. Sure, she’s probably not perfect but she is perfect to me. 😀 Holly’s blog is so much more than that, and she is always writing something funny and thought provoking, and she inspires me in so many ways. Her writing flows, and is so gracious and eloquent- it doesn’t matter what she writes about, it’s always beautiful.*I also give this award to Holly for Thinking that I am worth the read, despite what she might find here at the circus. LOL!*

Okay first, she is definitely worth the read and I love the circus. *wink* Second I feel a wee bit overwhelmed. Third I’m already stressing about how to pay it all forward! Pressure, pressure. She’s already nabbed several of the great bloggers I know and enjoy for this award and I know I have to act fast before Kailani beats me to some of the remaining blogs not already selected for the award! You see, as big as the blogosphere is, I find that some social networks are still pretty tight and so often I see the same great bloggers come up over and over in my own spheres of involvement that I know many I would chose are already on her list. The hard part is that as I look through many on my list I see so many that I visit for a variety of reasons that it’s hard to choose. As this is about targeting blogs that really make me think, and several great bloggers have already been tagged I’ll have to narrow my focus. So here are the 5 bloggers I’m selecting for the Thinking Blogger award:

Carmi – I’ve already said before how much I really like his blog and photos. Everything he shares is so point on yet simple. It’s like the perfect balance. He leaves his readers with a question/challenge that is always thought provoking and I always enjoy visiting.

Kelly – I’m not sure but I think we might have been separated at birth because I am constantly amazed at our similarities. She has such a positive energy and warmth that radiates from her writings. And she’s on my list of people I really want to meet in person. Like Mary, I feel like I’ve known her all my life.

Wendy – She was one of the first authors of an article my husband pointed me to about eMoms blogging to encourage me to start blogging. She has put so much thought and energy into learning blogging and how to make it work that anyone who knows her knows exactly what I’m talking about!

Linda – A blogging buddy who explains so beautifully in every post the purpose of her blog’s title. She’s not afraid to call black, black and white, white yet she does it with such tact and insight that I always enjoy her posts. I believe she knows well what she talks about.

Blake – What’s most amazing here is that you’d think that by living with him for 15 years I’d be pretty darn informed in the arena of what’s on his mind. Yet I’m constantly amazed at what he blogs and how it’s like reading the works of someone I know as a good friend not a spouse. In fact, since he slowed down blogging I’ve been at his heels to write more again because I really miss his daily posts.

You know, it’s always fun to share the link love and shout outs to blogs that others have created awards for. You don’t have to be a recipient to share the concept. I’ve been wanting to get better about sharing more thoughts, links and compliments to so many great bloggers I’ve come to know and read yet somehow the task keeps slipping on the back burner. So I appreciate the occasional nudge that makes me do it. While we’re on the topic I have to share a few more for various reasons of my own:

The Loyalty Award goes to Laura for he constant vigilance in both blogging and gracing my blog with her reading and linking.

The Laughing Out Loud Award goes to Jamie as she keeps me giggling and laughing constantly. It’s nice to know you’re not alone in the universe and she reminds me of it such a comical and down to earth way – she’s just awesome.

The Shared Passion Award goes to Daddy Forever because I feel like we’re on the same page with so many parenting things and best of all we e-mail about Heroes too!

Okay, that’s all for now because it’s time to pick up kids.

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8 comments on “Pressure, Pressure….Making/Finding Diamonds

  1. Thanks so much Holly!!! You’re the best. :)


  2. Awww, what a sweetheart – I totally feel the same way about you. Thank you!

    You’re so welcome!

  3. How sweet of you! I really appreciate it. Thanks! I can’t believe we have to wait another month for Heroes.

    I know – it’s SO far away!! LOL

  4. Okay, first I’d like to thank my producers (mom, dad, take a bow), and my director (F.D., you rock), the cast (all of you nuts who comment, especially you, Holly), the set (could be better, have to get a better chair), the make-up crew (huh?), oh, heck, I could go on, and on. But this is my second Thinking Blogger Award so I’ll have to make room on the trophy shelf in the bathroom (one of the Oscar winners is quoted as saying that in InStyle Mag).

    Love this crowd, and thanks a trillion Holly.

    ROFL – classic response, I LOVE it! And I learned that I need a trophy shelf in the bathroom…I’d better get to work.

  5. WooHoo! Thanks Holly! You are so awesome! 😀

    I remember very well (and fondly) how we met. Give Blake a big hug and another thanks for me, will ya?


    We’ll do!

  6. Holly, I’m sure you already know this…but I

    You’re killing me…what should I already know? LOL

  7. Aww…. *blushing* Thanks Holly!!!

    I love reading your blog! When mine grows up, I want it/her (?) to be just like yours!!!!

    Hee hee – good one! 😉

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