What A Sight

Tay ScooterEver have those moments when you wish you had a camera?  Well if you’d been witnessing me with my kids this morning you’d have wished you did.  It must have been a real entertainment sight.

Scooters aren’t new, but they sure got a boost in the recent years.  The closest thing I had to a scooter as a kid was my old metal roller skates that strapped onto my shoes.

This morning we decided to walk to school – well the kids wanted to ride their scooters so I agreed.  When we got to school I took my daughter’s scooter back home.  My son thought this was wonderful to have mommy riding (or trying) a scooter too.  He challenged me to a race which of course I think I’m capable even though I’ve never actually been on a scooter before.  I don’t know which was funnier – watching me try to keep any sense of balance or me laughing hysterically while doing it because I’m all over the place.  Either way it had to be great entertainment.

It’s funny that I don’t feel any older, but clearly not only have times changed but they’ve also changed me because I find that doing most of the things I did as a kid are quite challenging these days.  Just last night my daughter challenged me to do the monkey bars.  I used to be quite adept at this so figured I’d give it another go.  Aside from nearly pulling my arm from its socket, I quickly realized that this is a task fit for a 30lb body or at least one that is in much better shape than mine.  On the upside my kids think they’re mom’s pretty funny so at least I’ve got that.


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