He May Be Right

Well, today my husband sent me a link to another emom blogger.  I think he’s just trying to prove his point that there is a niche to be found for stay at home moms out there sharing what they know.  But hats off to Wendy Piersall who is sharing her knowledge and finding amazing success.

It never ceases to amaze me how much can be done when you’re willing to move your feet.  It’s easy to sit on your backside and think about all the ways you want to change the world for the better.  It’s quite another to get up and do something – anything.

My journey to motherhood taught me a lot.  Who knows, I may even get around to finishing that book one day.  But suffice it to say that the best lessons can come in the most unexpected ways.  One of the best ways to share this is with the help of a story I read years ago about a five year old girl who is asked by her new Kindergarten teacher during a placement meeting to pick out her favorite color crayon and write her name.  She freezes and does nothing.  On the way home her mother asks her why she didn’t write her name because she knows how.  She simply replied “There wasn’t a pink crayon in the box.”  Trust the child to teach us life’s greatest lessons.

Yes, many times I found my favorite color crayon wasn’t in the box.  I too have wanted to quit because of it.  But I have also learned that if you keep coloring the masterpiece can be amazing.  Unexpected maybe, but still amazing.  I didn’t give birth to my kids, but I am a mom.  My picture is different from others, it has many more hues and deeper colors.  But the best thing is looking back and seeing how much I’ve done because I didn’t have a pink crayon when I wanted one.  Today I own a website dedicated to helping adoptive families find success adopting and support through the process.  It’s been going strong for over 7 years and many families have had successful adoptions as a result of matches made through their HopeToAdopt.com profiles.  I’ve given thousands of hours as a volunteer and done a lot of things that have positively impacted the world of adoption.  I wouldn’t have done any of it without the experience of being an adoptive parent.  What began as one of my biggest challenges in life became one of the most rewarding experience I couldn’t have imagined.

So here’s to life without pink crayons and people willing to step up to the plate and do something.

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7 comments on “He May Be Right

  1. What a great post Holly! And thanks for the kudos! I’m adopted myself – and am darn grateful that a pink crayon wasn’t around when my “real” parents brought me into their lives. They have always been “mom and dad”. I have my own three kids now, and there has never been a thought in my mind that there is any difference between the relationship I have with my kids, and the one I have with my parents. In fact, I definitely am more like my parents than I like to admit at times! 😉

    Keep writing and shouting out in your own voice – I think your hubby is right. I think he’s the perfect kind of person I would want to have in my “Peer Group” – I believe he sees you as you really are – and is encouraging you to live it! You’re a lucky lady! :)

  2. Thanks Wendy! I saw your name in my e-mail on a new comment and felt a rush of adrenaline! LOL It’s fun to make connections and I’m grateful you’d take the time to drop in and leave a comment. I’m even more grateful that you’d share you’re adopted and your view of it! As for my hubby – he is an amazing person and I am the lucky one to have him! ;o)


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