Unexpected Emotional Release

Forget the popcorn, pass the Kleenex! Generally I know when I’m emotional, or at least when I feel a good cry coming on. As I sit to type this I can’t remember when my last one was but it’s been at least two years ago. At any rate, I just had an emotional clarifying experience and I’m a mess! It wasn’t by anything that happened. It was from watching a movie. The culprit? Eight Below.

Now I chose not to go see this in the theatre. Mostly out of convenience because I did mention wanting to see it a few times while it was out. But after this afternoon I am SO glad I didn’t see it in the theatre. If you like animals at all, tend to feel a heart string tug at a good or touching part of a movie or book or tend to cry in sad or happy movies in general you’ll want to watch this one solo in the comfort of your home with your Kleenex box handy. I can’t believe how much I cried through what felt like the entire movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I didn’t have to think about anything. I did hold my breath a few times and jumped once or twice as well. But what an amazing emotional impact. The bonus is it cleared out the emotional storage that I didn’t even realize I had stocked up! So if you can’t remember when you had a really good cry and feel the urge to do some house cleaning this is your ticket. You may not have cried when Old Yeller died but these dogs will take you for an emotional ride. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


4 comments on “Unexpected Emotional Release

  1. Uh oh. It’s on my list of next movie to see and I SOBBED when Old Yeller died.

    I am in TROUBLE!!!!

    Thanks for the warning!

  2. It was a good one, wasn’t it? I have watched it twice!

  3. I may be in for round two tonight. You’re welcome for the warning Laura! Knowing your love of dogs I’m sure you’ll need the Kleenex and I look forward to your review when you’ve seen it! It’s a keeper!


  4. The movie was partly filmed in Smithers, B.C., just west of us, so it was a big deal locally. I took my 11-year old daughter and two of her friends to see it in the theatre. Having howled through the musical “Anne of Green Gables” and sobbed uncontrollably through the entire last hour of “Titanic”, I was expecting major waterworks but, strangely, the eyes remained dry. To tell you the truth, I found it a bit formulaic, and could not keep the dogs straight. The girls cried, though. Did you know it was based on a real story?

    Holly, I dare you to watch “The Miracle Worker”.

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