Motivation Please


Do you ever have those days where you just can’t find the motivation to get a darn thing done? Today was that day for me. It came on the heels of my daughter’s sick day – the day when I got virtually nothing done. The best part of the day was the bubble bath before bed.

I’ve been thinking all day about tools to tackle this. What I learned surprised me. I’m not sure I can pin point exactly when the demotivation hit. I got up fine, got dressed and ready and even had time to get the dishes done before taking my daughter to school. Maybe that was the catalyst. When I got home the thing that was bugging me the most was already done and this allowed me the freedom to feel I could slack off – which seemed to roll over into the lack of motivation that followed.

I played a few mindless computer games after checking e-mails, even took an online quiz about whether or not I was a slacker mom. The results were in my favor telling me I’m a smarty pants mom. I’m not sure what that means exactly. I was going to sit down and watch a movie I’d recorded last night with my son during lunch, but found the recorder missed the last 5 minutes or so (Cox DVR sucks.) That was a bummer so I just deleted it – no point watching the whole thing to not see how it ends so it will have to wait for the Netflix queue. I set myself a clock of free computer time to end. I pushed it by 10 minutes but forced myself to go upstairs and clean my bedroom. I figured I needed a few things where I could see results and clean sheets would feel great tonight. That was a good choice. It even bled over into getting the entire upstairs vacuumed and the family room picked up and vacuumed. The point of this is sharing that by forcing myself to do one thing I could see the results of, I felt better and even got a few more things done. And at the end of the day I didn’t feel like a complete loser.

I was taught in trade school that you should be doing the most productive thing with every given moment. I think that stinks and whoever said it isn’t very smart. It’s the reason why I feel guilt when I’m not getting something done 24/7. One thing I read during my slacker mom quiz was the importance of doing a few things that you enjoy, as a happy mom is a better mom. I like that bit of advice. So I advanced a level on a computer game instead of finishing the laundry. Who cares? I’m happier and I still have underwear for tomorrow – I just have to retrieve it from the dryer instead of my drawer. I’ll live.


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