Sick Days


I hate sick days. I used to like them when it meant I could call in sick and stay home caring for my own cold, or ailment. But these days that’s not something I get to do. Mom’s don’t get sick days.

Today isn’t a sick day for me, it’s one for my daughter. I dread these days, not just because your child isn’t feeling well but because it means you feel a sense of being trapped and I find myself worrying about whether it will roll over into tomorrow or the next day. Most parents these days wouldn’t keep their child home from school when they woke with a sore throat and slight fever. They’d give them some medicine and send them to school so they could go to work. But I’m a stay at home mom. I don’t like sending my kid out there when she can give something to someone else. It makes me nuts that she comes home with so much because other parents don’t keep their kids home.

So today we’re trying to have a quiet day of movies, baths and naps. It’s only 9 a.m. so the fun is just beginning. Once she has the pain and fever reducer medication she thinks she’s fine so wants to do all the things she normally does until it wears off. Sick days are more work for mom than a regular day so I’ll be nurturing this one as much as possible in an effort to bring it to a quick close. Of course as soon as she gets over the three year old will come down with it.


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