Green Thumbs and Nurturing Dreams

I should be cleaning my home and doing laundry, but blogging is so much more fun.

Last night I sat outside by my pool and started dreaming of what I want to do to my new yard. This morning I pulled out pictures of our first home and yard. I got a little carried away scanning and scrapbooking the pictures. Now it’s lunch time and I still haven’t gotten anything else done, but it always makes me feel good to get a few more cobweb projects done. It was also a real confidence boost to remember my gardens and yard from the past.

I never considered myself a green thumb. I grew up on three and a half acres of which at least half was yard and garden. My mom loves flowers, trees and vegetables. She planted one of everything I think. Someone told her she couldn’t grow pears, but she has two pear trees that produce more fruit each year than she knows what to do with. She gave me confidence and support as I tried to duplicate any of her efforts. I’m coming to realize that my mom gave me a lot more skills than I gave credit for. Gardening and putting up the produce was just a natural part of life for her and consequently for me. Now I’m learning how unique that is in today’s world and I’m grateful for the knowledge she passed on to me. While I may not be an expert, it would appear that I did develop a bit of a green thumb.


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One comment on “Green Thumbs and Nurturing Dreams

  1. Wow! I had forgotten how much we accomplished in the yard during those years. Great picture story!

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