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I’ve been fortunate to be involved in teaching with the new youth curriculum, Come, Follow Me. This has been a great learning experience for both me and my class of 12 year olds.

My class has the unique circumstance of kids just coming out of Primary. This is their first Sunday School class experience and it’s a big change. It’s been a lot of work to get them out of the expectation of just sitting in class. Listening is a skill they are still developing. Many of the samples in the curriculum are more challenging for me to present to them because they are young and haven’t had many opportunities in life and our community yet to have answers to questions of experience. But we’re adapting! I started teaching the second or third week of the year and they had not yet had a lesson from the new curriculum in Sunday School, but knew the topic of the Godhead from their Young Women and Young Men classes. By the second lesson, I’d had an idea that has really helped us all. It’s the source of this page. We’re doing Sunday School journals where we record each week the challenge from the last lesson and other relative class information. This has helped me keep things straight as well as take part in the same activities I’ve invited the youth to take part in. It came from a lesson where we discussed tender mercies. The challenge that week was to look for one in our own lives. The next week’s lesson picked up from that and added President Eyring’s challenge from his talk referenced in the lesson materials. This was the challenge to write down ways you’ve seen the hand of the Lord in your life in the past week. I took it one step further by extending to them our recent challenge from our Stake President to write down the “to dos” you found as you read the scriptures. These were those instructive verses that gave us action oriented challenges. So we decided each week we’d write down in our journals at least one way we’d seen the Lord’s hand in our lives that week – something He’d done for us – and one thing He’d asked us to do from our scriptures in a lesson. My hope was that by keeping this assignment simple and consistent we’d all get a lot better at it and have more to share in our lessons.

Our journals are simple notebooks. I found several spiral bound notebooks on sale at a local store and bought a big stack. I took them to class and let each youth pick one out. They don’t always remember to bring their notebook and I’m thinking about offering a second to them in the next few months as they process the consistency of this journal. But for now I’m pleased that even if some don’t bring their notebook, they do have other materials to write on and they’re doing that. Some have even begun to take notes from our lessons and have referenced them in our next lesson when we review.

As a teacher, I use two separate notebooks: one to prepare my lesson and one to record the results. To keep this page from being several yards long, I’ll break those out into new pages. Either link will take you to that notebook.

Lesson Preparations

Sunday School Journal


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