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  1. Holly,

    I’m interested in doing the Draw near unto me slideshow.
    I’d like to use some of the music you did. It would help me to
    find these songs if you could tell me what albums you got them
    from. I’m so excited about using this for my Young Women’s
    Christmas lesson this month. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hi Jeanette, I sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you don’t get it. ;o)

  2. Holly,
    You’re last name sounds very familiar do you live in WJ, Utah? Anyway, I too am interested in finding out about the music you used for this as I would like to use it for my YW on Christmas Eve.


  3. Holly!

    I used your outline and visual aids for the Power of Procreation lesson. It went very well. Thank you so much for sharing. It helped me to effectively teach a difficult lesson.


  4. Holly, I have tried to download your Christmas presentation w/ music but the music doesn’t seem to be in the presentation. Is it just me or is that on purpose and if so can you give me the order you used the songs in?

    Thanks, Laurie

    Hi Laurie,

    No it’s not just you, it’s a problem with downloading such a large and detailed file. For you and any others interested if you e-mail me privately I can send you a file list with the songs.

  5. Hi,

    I have been looking for something special to do with my Young Women and your slide show caught my eye. It is beautifully done and could be just what I am looking for. Could you email me the music files so I can see how it all fits together?


  6. I was wondering if you have anything on Temple Marriage that could help me with my lesson. Thanks!

  7. I too would love a copy of the music you used for the Power Point presentation.
    Thanks for being so willing to share all of your hard work with others.

  8. Is it still possible to get a copy of the music for “Come Let Us Adore Him” silent Christmas lesson? Thanks!

    Hi Rachel,

    Um…the lesson I have is called “Draw Near” so I’m not sure we’re talking about the same lesson. All the music/songs used in the presentation are listed in the document for you to find or purchase. The “In This Very Room” is the only song specific to the first slide, the rest could be replaced with any soft instrumental music. I don’t have copyright permissions to share copies of the music I used.

  9. I am interested in using the “Draw Near” PPT with the YW… Can you send me links to find the music. I am struggling in finding some of the numbers…


    Hi Suzanne,
    Check out this link: http://www.hollyscorner.com/blog/lds-resources/slide-shows/ I only have the text list of music for the original Draw Near file which is included in the file where you found the download.

  10. I am so excited that I found your website. I was just asked to teach a lesson on Sunday on The sacred power of procreation and was overwhelmed with how the lesson was laid out, we have a small YW group and only 1 Laurel. I love the way you present the points and will be using it this Sunday. Thank-you for sharing your lesson and all of your information!

    I’m so glad you found it helpful! That’s a doosey of a lesson. 😉

  11. Dear Holly,

    After doing some research on more than a few sights in regards to lesson 33 “The Power of Procreation”…I felt very overwhelmed until I saw your posting. thank you so much. Now I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed.

    Diane Beil (Marshfield, WI)

  12. Holly, I too would love a copy of the music you used for the
    Power Point presentation on lesson #33 “The Power of Procreation”
    Do you also have the cute handout to print? What a sweet site!
    My sincere gratitude, Diane

    Thanks Diane. Sadly, the handout for that lesson was on a computer from many moons ago and the program used for it didn’t convert to upgrades. :( I believe the music in that lesson was “Somewhere There’s Somebody Waiting”, if so you can find that music on the artist’s site: http://www.margoedgeworth.com/

  13. Holly, I would love to use your slideshow for a Young Women’s Christmas lesson. How can I get the music for it and which slide show would you recommend?

    The music is included in the new versions. I personally like Come Unto Him the most. :)

  14. Holly, I have downloaded the powerpoint but no music came with you. Is it possible to get the music from you?

    Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the music for the original slideshow, it was done for a friend who had the music. You could use your own music though. The newer slide shows have music that is free to share and it’s part of the downloads, although I must say downloading files of this size is just plain problematic and it may take several attempts to get it to downlight right.

  15. I love your Faith-Jesus blocks and plan on using this on Sunday. How do I copy and print your handout. It doesn’t link to anything and the bottom letters -H- is missing.

  16. LOVE your ideas for the “Coming to Know the Savior” lesson! The blocks are great!

    The handout appears to be missing the last blocks…any chance you have a copy of it with the “H” block on there?

    Even if not, I’m still using your idea…Thanks so much!

  17. I have to do a combined yw lesson in February of lesson 5 in manual 3 – do you have any good ides

    Hi LoraLee, I tried to email this but it said it was an invalid address so I’ll have to put it here this way. 😉

    I took a look at that lesson – it’s on cultivating the spirit in the home right? Nothing jumped out immediately at me but here’s a few things that might help.

    1) Empty versus Full visuals
    I was thinking that with the point being to help the girls see how important and pleasant it is to have the spirit in the home, a good visual would be to compare the satisfaction of full versus empty in an object lesson. You could use some favorite treats or foods, make sure they look real and ready to eat but let them experience the disappointment when they find it’s just an empty wrapper or container. You could even tie this in with a handout if you wanted giving each of them a small version of the object lesson that’s not empty! :) Then compare this to how important it is to have our lives be filled with the Spirit, and go from there sharing lesson points on what the Spirit needs to be welcomed into our lives starting with our homes.

    2) Dream homes
    This could be a fun activity that allows the girls to become involved in designing their dream home with the teaching point being how they can be developing the most important elements of that home right now. It could be a group activity or individual. As a group you could spearhead a discussion with some photos or visuals asking for input on what the perfect dream home would be like. Let them really explore the details of their fanciest mansion and encourage them to describe details – marble floors, gardens, etc. It may help to have some pictures of large estates especially that focus on the grounds surrounding them as they will be like the temples – well manicured, beautiful etc. Make sure to include this as well as the help to keep it pristine, clean, etc. This could be all verbal or you could let them “design” their own homes with magazine photos, drawings, etc. After they’ve completed the exercise talk about the basic things that make every dream home dreamy: cleanliness, beautification, peaceful, etc. Point out how it doesn’t matter if there’s beautiful marble on the floor if you can’t see it through dirty clothes, mess, etc. Help them see what it is that really makes these dream homes enticing and that the goals are within our reach for our current homes. Further, it would be great to help them understand how what they’re doing today is practice for their futures. They don’t want to practice keeping a messy, grumpy home or that’s what they’ll end up with. 😀 You could do a cute handout of a dream home with some bullet points about what makes it dreamy so they’ll remember the lesson.

    Best of luck to you!

  18. I too am wondering if you have a copy of the “Coming to Know Your Savior” file in a word copy so I can make a few changes or if there is some other way to add the “H” and “S” to the handout as they appear to be missing on the handout that you used to pass out to the girls. Thanks!

    Thanks for the heads up! I fixed it. :)

  19. Hi Holly,
    I am teaching YW this week and came across the “Draw Near to Me” pp. Can you please email me with the music? I would absolutely love to present this to my girls and would be so grateful for your help. It’s incredible!

    Hi Kristin, here’s the list of music in that:

    04 Power In His Touch.wma
    05 Power In His Touch Instrumental.wma

  20. Hi there,

    Each time I try to click through to the silent Christmas lesson, it says it is no longer available. I would so love to read through it, it seems like such a wonderful idea for our Australian Christmas activity next month.

  21. I would love to read and watch your Christmas presentation but your website says it is not available. Is there any way you can email it to me. I would love to use it for our Young Women Christmas lesson.

  22. Holly i am trying to find the “Christmas Lesson” that i have read about in the above comments. I am trying to find a lesson for the YW in my ward. Am i missing something?

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