YW Leadership Tools

Organization & Planning
Calendars: Calendar Learning Curve (file is outdated – links within the document will not work)
Activities: Planning with a Purpose: Activity Planning Sheets
Meetings: Meetings Learning Curve,Sunday Conducting, Mutual Conducting, Leadership Meeting Agendas


  • I printed some of these out and kept them in my binder. When one of my girls did something notable at church I’d write a quick note to her on it and drop it in the mail.

Simple Notes

Notes for Leaders

Parent’s Letter
Class Presidency Responsibilities

Gift Ideas:
What Heaven Sees In You Print

  • I printed these and attached a dollar store mirror with ribbon.

Personalized Stationery, Personalized Postcards

  • I did these as a bundle printing enough for each girl to have a stack of 8 stationery pages and 8 thank you postcards. I tied them with ribbon and we gave them to the girls for birthday gifts that year.

One thing we did that was really helpful regarding a theme was to take time to learn it in sign language. It helped the girls slow down and thus take in more of what the words were and what they meant.


One comment on “YW Leadership Tools

  1. Thank for the ideas. You have been a great help. I was just call to serve in YM as first
    counselor and was given an empty binder. It has been 15 years since I’ve been in the
    program. We lost binders after the hurricane.

    I’m so glad these ideas were of help to you. Sorry about he hurricane aftermath.

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